At present, there are 20 Italian regions, each with its own distinctive – and delicious – gastronomic traditions. Since cooking styles are hyper-regional, you can stumble upon very different foodie experiences in cities that are just 3 miles away. Certain trying to taste the most in the region just 3 (OK, 5) meals a day sounds scary. It sounds like an adventure to us. Pull up the space and join a culinary tour of Tuscany to Sicily.

1. Tuscany

If you close your eyes and imagine Tuscany, you are likely to imagine rolling, sunny hills dotted with olive trees, vines and casual farmhouses or villas. This is a place where time slows down and you can taste rustic, earthy foods and wines here. Although all that is true, this large and varied range of moving mountains of agricultural land is coastal, and includes bustling cities, Florence, Siena and Pisa.

2. Veneto

Venice is the undisputed shining star in the Veneto region. Of course Venice will have a lot of seafood in the Gulf of Venice and the Adriatic Sea beyond; But the risk is domestic and you will find the mountains and plains where countryside survives traditional preparations of risotto, polenta, usually cooking ingredients with radish (leaf chicory) and chicken and calf liver.

További élelmiszerekkel kapcsolatos ajánlatokért nézze meg a különböző ajánlatokat

3. Apulia

Often referred to as the heel of Italy’s boot-like figure, Apulia home is a kitchen that is easily characterized by cunning marriage as aggressive flavors of lamb, goat, bitter greens, spicy peppers and hedgehog delicious ingredients like fava beans, milky cushions with fresh burrata cheese and generous anointments of olive oil.